Forward Eats MSP: Ames Farm


In 1994, Brian Fredericksen bought an orchard near Watertown, Minnesota. He bought it not to farm apples, or honey, as one might suspect--but to use as land on which to dogsled. A 3M engineer at the time, Brian thought the property would be the perfect place to exercise his hobbies. He had a vision of one day turning the land into a food farm, and when he became worried he would kill one of the two beehives that came with the property, he began to teach ...

Forward Eats MSP: Singing Hills Goat Dairy


My list of female role models includes (but is not limited to): Eleanor Roosevelt, my mom, Leslie Knope, Michelle Obama, and Lynne Reeck. Who is Lynne Reeck, you might ask? Well, in my opinion, she's the baddest-ass goat farmer, hog raiser, cheesemaker, and (essentially) solo female farmer in all of Minnesota! She's the face behind Singing Hills Goat Dairy in Nerstrand, Minnesota! When Kiri Gray of The Curious Goat nominated Lynne for this post, I headed over to Mill City Farmers' Market to catch up with her at her booth ...

Forward Eats MSP: The Curious Goat


I'd heard about Sociable Cider Werks pretty frequently after moving to the Twin Cities in spring of 2014, but it wasn't until early 2015 that I finally took a solo drive over to the brewery to check out a craft market they were hosting. The long drive down an unexpected off-shoot of a driveway is memorable for its industrial vibe. But then, as you finally glimpse what might appear to be the brewery's entrance--there's an orange dot that looms ever-brighter in the cider-seeker's eye. A beacon. A food truck, ...

Forward Eats MSP: The Lone Grazer Creamery!


When you give Minneapolis an artisan meat maker, it's going to ask for a local creamery to go with it. That's just what happened when Kieran Folliard, an Ireland-born local food entrepreneur, did when he realized the building his company Red Table Meat Co. operated out of had room for another business venture or two. In 2015, The Lone Grazer Creamery, Minnesota's first urban creamery, was born. I chose The Lone Grazer Creamery for the first Forward Eats nomination because of their string cheese. It was the ...

Forward Eats MSP: The Nominations are IN!


The nominations are IN for the first ever Forward Eats MSP feature. Thank you to everyone who gave their input on a local food business or person making a difference in the Twin Cities community. This is an incredible list of really excellent local businesses, and I highly recommend you check out each one no matter who is chosen! I know I am eager to visit the three I haven't yet! Now, sit tight while the votes are tallied, and stay tuned for an exclusive interview ...

Forward Eats MSP!


  ATTENTION ALL TWIN CITIES FOOD LOVERS! I'm launching a new series of posts called "Forward Eats MSP." Each post will highlight a product, business, or person that has left a strong influence on the "local" food scene in the Twin Cities. They may be influential because they are in some way sustainably-focused, particularly innovative, small-scale, delicious, or otherwise awesome. The highlighted product, business or person will then have the opportunity to nominate the candidate for my next similar Forward Eats feature, getting the opportunity to "pay" ...

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The small things have a way of sweeping me off my feet. Soon I'm a dot clenching the string of a rising balloon. Over there, beyond the horizon. But it is the small things, they reassure me. So I let them take me. Take me back to giant, pure joy. angry catfish