An Ode to Brasa

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  Grand Avenue, grand night out-- Spin me round, rotisserie. Cornbread cravings quelled Pigeon peas and an almost banh mi On a garage-door faux patio. Collards call for yucca fries; You say masa, I say más Brasa. Sangria, sweet sodas, or seltzer-- Simple, smooth, and classy. Small, medium, or large? For here or to go? Let's stay, let's play, And maybe never go.  

12 Things I Will Do This Summer!


As I sit here sipping my raspberry-blueberry-banana-whey protein-matcha powder-coconut milk super smoothie, a cool spring breeze meanders through the open window along with a welcomed but unrelentless birdsong aria. It's a pretty cliché spring scene (besides, perhaps, the matcha powder in my smoothie). A rather appropriate time to share my, well--cliché--list of things I want to do this summer, don't you think? Sure, why not! 12 Things I Will Do In Summer 2015 1.) Become a patio dweller. This is perhaps my overarching goal for Summer 2015--the goal ...

Icebox Corn and Pea Soup


If there's an overarching rule that dictates what I cook in my humble Midwestern kitchen, it's a deeply instilled desire to waste less that ultimately sways my decisions. It's a trait I was born with, I'm pretty sure. I have one memory in which I must have been about six years old where I got rather upset that someone in the house was about to open a new box of cereal when there was one already open. (Or, it could have been that I really ...

A Thought of White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies


Well hello, old friend. It's been a while, hasn't it? Here we find ourselves, already a month into January. The time passed as quickly as one can snap a Polaroid, the days captured in a snapshot in the mind's eye. Looking back, the image of where we were becomes clear as the negative develops into a positive, concrete in time. And all we have is that image, and the emotions it evokes in us. But we hold close to that image, because it's all we have. The relevance ...

I (Pecan) Fudged (C)Up(s)


Enter the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap of 2014. Cue a Ruthie searching for ideas for sweets to bake that would be just selfish enough that I'd enjoy eating the extra batch, but not selfish enough that I'd refrain from mailing my goods to my matches. Enter Center Stage: chocolate-covered toffee. Yes, I thought I'd be the rebel who made and mailed candy, and not cookies. Yes, I thought I'd share my passion for this sweet with the food blogging community and the world by mailing ...

A Little Mexico in America, and a Drunken Chicken


I grew up loving Mexican food. I mean, who didn't, really? I have a vivid memory of one particular trip to Taco Bell in which the employees neglected to put my order of two hardshell tacos in the bag. When we discovered this, we took another spin through the drive-thru in a hungered fury. Out of the kindness of their teenage hearts, the employees dumped not two, but FOUR hardshell tacos in my bag. It was a blissful afternoon. It took years for my perception of ...

For the Love of Coffee, and Overnight Oats


My relationship with coffee is a fussy one. It's largely a mental trigger and mostly unnecessary for me to feel human. I'm not the type of person who requires a pot of coffee before their first cup of the day (you know who you are), in fact if I have more than a small latte, chances are I'll feel less-than-human for the next 24 hours. I've taken conscious breaks from drinking coffee and the only difference I've felt is the noticing how particularly strong and ...