Peace/piece. Art/heart. Here/now.


The small things have a way of sweeping me off my feet. Soon I'm a dot clenching the string of a rising balloon. Over there, beyond the horizon. But it is the small things, they reassure me. So I let them take me. Take me back to giant, pure joy. angry catfish

She’s SUCH a Millennial! A rant.


Until now, my coworkers in every job I've held have been of a similar age to me. There was that quaint ice cream shop where my boss regularly proclaimed that she was the mother of "16 sixteen-year-olds." (And weren't we ever the hormonal group.) There was that fine dining restaurant that harbored college almost-grads like me who came for the romanticism of the job and stayed for the free family meal before each nighttime service. (We had it figured out.) And there was that post-college trap called ...

When life doesn’t give you waffles…


Some mornings I wake up with a fierce craving for waffles. It's as if the Dream Gnomes had ushered me to WaffleWorld itself and crowned me queen of the buttermilk malted. This morning's waffle craving was a particularly powerful one; it altered the course of my entire Saturday. Now, I haven't always been a fiend, but I suspect my recent enthusiasm is the product of two things: 1.) The hubbub around the soon-to-open Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar in my neighborhood, and 2.) a successful binge ...

A Minnesotan Affair


I've never seen anyone as obsessed with an event in the way Minnesotans are with the MN State Fair. I probably experienced the craze more so because I live and work within walking distance of the fairgrounds, be even so, the addiction is fascinating. To put this in perspective for those of you who are unfamiliar: the fourteen days during which the event unfolds are, quite literally, the fourteen slowest days at my place of employment--a grocery store. Andrew Zimmern, the Minnesota native and celebrity ...

Caribbean Stew and a Thought or Two


When I came across this recipe while thumbing through my copy of Moosewood Favorites, I realized two things: 1.) I love and have always loved how eclectic Moosewood's recipes are. It never seems to matter how inauthentic or random they are--the flavor combinations are always on par. Cooking from Moosewood is like a free pass to Ma's place; every creation tastes perfectly rugged and love-filled. 2.) I am completely enamored with the Caribbean. I have dreamt of traveling there ever since I first heard the Beach Boys' ...

If I had no fear


This morning I woke slowly as Jeremy got ready and left for work, and then fell back asleep. I woke again two hours later, disoriented, finding enough energy to consume a small fruit-forward breakfast, slowly read a chapter of Go Set a Watchman, and eat a meat-forward second breakfast before succumbing back into a very deep sleep. My body stirred; it was mid-morning. My eyes focused on the empty white ceiling above me, then the empty beige wall in front of the bed. I dedicated ...

An Ode to Brasa

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  Grand Avenue, grand night out-- Spin me round, rotisserie. Cornbread cravings quelled Pigeon peas and an almost banh mi On a garage-door faux patio. Collards call for yucca fries; You say masa, I say más Brasa. Sangria, sweet sodas, or seltzer-- Simple, smooth, and classy. Small, medium, or large? For here or to go? Let's stay, let's play, And maybe never go.