Three Years! One Amazing Donut!


As some, few, or none of you may recall, I spent my second blogiversary in search of a high chair from which I could celebrate my third blogiversary. Alas, this fateful anniversary is upon us and here I lay sprawled out on my aqua-colored comforter on my full-sized bed, the only chair in sight: a stool. I'd rather not celebrate from a stool--that's more of a place one goes to sit in a time of punishment, or when all the other comfy chairs at the bar are already ...

A “Grand” Culinary Tour of Saint Paul, Part One


A rather large joy of living in my humble corner of Saint Paul is the diverse options for a bite out within walking distance from my apartment door. No, I can't get a New York bagel or a dollar slice of pizza at 4am, but my new culinary adventures also include a lack of inflated prices and only a rare overcrowded patio. It's easy to eat out and well in Saint Paul. Take a walk with me, down Grand Avenue. Pad Thai on Grand My favorite dinner on ...

Walking Home to Chicken-Chickpea Curry


Last night I donned my black fleece jacket and a scarf I "borrowed" from my mom and headed out for an evening walk around my neighborhood. My attire proved passable as my blood began to flow more rapidly through my veins, though it was the first walk I've taken this year that caused me to consider my layers. I remembered I had cheeks as I strolled down Portland Avenue, observing activity in the lit homes as I passed. Miley Cyrus belted her anthems through my ...

Bites Out: Rustica and Khyber Pass Cafe


Since moving to Saint Paul, I've become quite taken with cooking at home. I eat out much less frequently than I did in NYC, partly because the Midwest culture caters less to convenience and more to occasion, but mostly because it's a very suiting challenge for me. At last I have a kitchen with more than one pot! I have a roommate who ventures to eat my sometimes whimsical delicacies! I have an awesome discount on groceries through my job! It's a sure recipe for ...

The Vortex of Change and Challenge, or, The Beauty Around Me


My life has been a whirlwind of change and challenge since moving away from New York City 2.5 months ago. I willingly stepped into a vortex that immediately took me away from an existence I'd spent two years building, into the heart of a changing family dynamic, through a tense month and a half of unemployment, and on to living in a city I'd only ever experienced at a distance. "Life comes at you in waves." It's an insight of my Mom's that could not ...

Still Cookin’


Sometimes a is worth a thousand words. Other times, I simply don't have any words to write. Rest assured, loyal fans, I'm still cooking and consuming tasty food in a very tRuthful manner. Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry Tuna Lettuce Wraps Feta and Watermelon Salad, Roasted Lamb with Lentils, and Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding at Saffron for Restaurant Week An ode to the season of my favorite fruit: the tomato!    

Moving In With Spicy Chicken Tacos


Putting the kitchen together in my new Saint Paul apartment is a unique look back I unpack the black and white speckled ceramic mug and remember all the handcrafted dishes my Mom has given me over the years. I unpack my dying, miniature hand beater that was a desperate Goodwill purchase in college and remember how I didn't even try to feel "at home" all three of those years. Each dish or lack thereof is a memory and a piece of me. As I ...