first bites

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, an awesome blog, then, must begin with a single post.

I’ve owed this to myself for quite a while. After a friend casually encouraged me to start a food blog three long years ago, I thought, “Yeah, I could probably do something like that.” The idea has been festering ever since–mental drafts have been composed,  layouts have been tinkered with, receiving a prestigious blogger award has been envisioned (if those even exist).  After three years and seeing  things like “Julie and Julia” and writing a brief travel blog , the will was still at the front of my mind. But somehow, apprehension loomed over me and I kept asking myself questions like, “What if my blog is a sad creation that finds its rightful home in some dark corner of cyberspace? What if I become one of those manic bloggers who believe their virtual world is their real world? What if I write something that could one day be held against me in my bid for President (of the USA? of the PTA? of Ice Cream Eaters Anonymous?). My blog has been a fully formed vision; I’ve only lacked the courage to push “publish.”

But the clock, I’ve discovered, is always ticking, the food keeps getting tastier, and that button won’t push itself.

I have a mad passion for, a deep relationship with, and an unyielding obsession with… food.

And I’m finally ready to share that with the world.

a recent indulgence from Gigi's Cupcakes of Madison


  1. nichole says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to reading more. And thanks for adding us to your blogroll!

    • thetastytruth says:

      Nichole, thank YOU for adding me to your blogroll. I love reading your blog–I’m fulfilling one of my foodie fantasies vicariously through Madison A to Z. 😉

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