The Real Fun Begins…Now!

Last Sunday, I moved back to my apartment from my parents’ home for my last ever semester of college. Monday was my last first day of school…possibly ever. Wasn’t I just waving goodbye to my parents as I hopped on the yellow school bus, Lisa Frank lunchbox in tow? I become nostalgic for a moment when I realized these will be last four months of my 17-year stint as a full-time student. But by the end of Monday, textbooks, due dates, and meetings had crept into every corner of my existence and I quickly forgot my nostalgia.

One of the biggest challenges of coming back to college after a very fulfilling break is re-prioritizing. Personal interests get swept aside in the name of Being a Good a Student. In the past, for me, food was one of the first things that got put on the back burner. The complications of not having a car to transport groceries, the challenges of cooking for one, budget, and never enough time became overwhelming and eating well became a pain rather than a pleasure.

This is where the fun comes in.

Because this semester, I’ve made a vow to keep good food at the front and center of my life. Food will be a priority, and this will be the tastiest semester of college ever! Here’s how I’ll do it:

1.) I had a lot flexibility when registering for classes this last semester. I decided to take advantage of that and register for 4 cool and crazy classes, including Foods in Rabbinic Judaism. Yes, I do want to spend 2.5 hours a week talking about matzah, kugel, and the implications of being a bagel maker in NYC! Here’s one of my textbooks:

2.) Slow Food-UW! I’ve been involved with this campus chapter of Slow Food USA since I started college. As I’ve become more and more involved, my love of “good, clean, fair” food is continually pushed to new levels. I’ve become addicted to both the values Slow Food embraces and the community it fosters. I’m excited for the adventures and challenges of a new semester with the group as we continue to grow. As the communications coordinator, I’ll be busy getting things done behind the scenes, and helping out with frenzied-kitchen events like this:

3.) Blogging! I plan to make the time to blog at least two times a week. Who knows exactly how this blog will fit into my new and improved “getting ready for the real world” schedule, but I guarantee it will fit, and it will be tasty! What would you like me to cook, eat, or blog about during my senior semester of college?


  1. elise says:

    gotta be honest, im kinda jealous of those classes youre taking! they sound so interesting. since i used to work at a jewish hospital in nyc, i am fascinated by judaism. please post about the cool things you learn in your classes.

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