Saucy Schedules

The first week of a new college semester is like reading a good spy novel. The minute details of what will become a daily and eventually weekly routine are unknown until the exact moment in which they first play out. Where will my new professors fall on the crazy/cool spectrum? What route will I take to my next class? Will I make friends with the random person I sit next to in class? I feel like a hero as I creep through my first week. The Mystery of What the Semester Will Be Like would never be solved without me, after all.

But after the first week, my spy novel hero existence diminishes rather rapidly into that of… a robot in sci-fi novel (best I could do, guys). I  know exactly what time I (should) get up each morning. I know the fastest route to my next class. All the people I pass on said route start to look familiar.

Some semesters, it gets to the point where I know exactly what I’ll be doing and where on campus I’ll be at any give moment throughout the entire day. For example, my Tuesdays:

6:30– Wake up, eat breakfast

7:15– Walk to Class 1

7:45– Class 1

10:45– Walk to Class 2

11:00- Class 2

12:15-1:00– Walk to Class 3, eat lunch

1:00– Class 3

2:15-Walk to Class 4

2:30-3:45– Class 4

And that’s just the daytime. Nights usually continue in the same way, filled with meetings or study dates until my brain can take no more. Don’t get me wrong, the content of my day is fulfilling–everything I’m doing is by choice. It’s the details of execution that become monotonous if I don’t put a little effort into saucing them up.

One such detail is the school day lunch. Especially the days I don’t have access to a fridge of a microwave (like the day above). What will it be, another peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

I THINK NOT. While a favorite option for a lunch on-the-go is protein and veggies between carbs (think sandwich), with a little extra attention to the kind of carbs you’re using and the condiments you slather on, you can sauce up your lunch in no time.

Try replacing bread with tortillas.

Try replacing mayo with eggplant spread.

Or mustard with horseradish.

The possibilities are limitless. Nut butters, hummus, and pestos are a few more great options. Add some lettuce, cheese and onion and boom! When it comes to lunch, you’re back up to spy hero status. Lunchtime is not allowed to become monotonous; it should be the tastiest moment in a busy day. All it takes is couple extra minutes in the bread and condiment aisles the next time you’re at the grocery store. Take that, pb&j.

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