And The Oscar Goes To: Open-Faced Radish Sandwiches

Was it just me, or did the Oscars ceremony last Sunday leave you feeling the French are taking over Hollywood?

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris was up for Best Picture and three other nominations.

Paris-based Hugo won five Oscars.

So did The Artist–written, directed, and acted by French stars– one of whom was awarded Best Actor.

And, was it just me, or did the French people’s accented acceptance speeches and the repeated, sweeping clips of Paris make you wish you were sitting in a cobbled alleyway outside a patisserie with a croissant in hand and not a care in a the world?

It’s plain to see that the Academy’s real goal for this year’s ceremony was to instill a sense of longing in Americans; to prepare us for the impending invasion of the French in America. Because if these guys are popular in Hollywood, you know they’ll soon be popular everywhere.

So brush up on your Français, adopt a pet dog, find your sense of joie de vivre, uncork a bottle of wine,  and most of all, break out the baguettes and butter come lunchtime. When the French get here, you’ll be glad to have this recipe up your sleeve. (On the off chance that they don’t come, you’ll still be glad.)

Open-Faced Radish Sandwiches


Fresh, crusty baguette

Unsalted butter

Beauty heart radish, peeled and cut into very thin slices

Sea salt


Thinly slice baguette, spread liberally with butter. Top with radish slices and sprinkle with sea salt. Bon appétit.

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