NorCal, a Smattering

Santa Clara’s food truck-turned-restaurant, Dia de Pesca‘s fish tacos are not to be missed.



How much does a local asparagus, eggs-laid-yesterday, cooked-in-a-solar-oven quiche cost? Nothing, if you’re lucky enough to eat lunch at my brother’s house.

No folks, that is not one giant bowl of vanilla ice cream, but rather one scoop of Chinese 5 spice, one of orange cardamom, one of rosemary roasted almond, and one of sage. Thanks to Tara’s.

Pani Puri is just one of many delectable Indian adventures at Vik’s.

Peeks at Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard.

If I lived in the Bay Area, I’d surely become addicted to Blue Bottle Coffee.

Things are looking up in Muir Woods.

What a fine spring break. Now, back to reality, back to the Diary State, back to eating on a college budget, back to my last FIVE weeks of college.

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