Celebrations and a Picnic

This post marks three important milestones:

1.) This is the first post I’m writing as a college graduate; as a Citizen of the Real World. While the most memorable moment of the two-hour graduation ceremony this past Sunday is my tassel falling off my cap just as I accepted my diploma from the Dean, the friends and family who helped me celebrate throughout the weekend will never be forgotten. And as some of us know well, when my family celebrates, a vast, delicious spread of food inevitably follows. The post-graduation picnic that my mom graciously put together included: my mom’s signature herb cheesecake appetizer (surely a recipe for another post), sandwiches built on homemade pesto bread, fresh fruit and veggies, a homemade strawberry rhubarb pie, cookies from Clasen’s, and of course, a bottle of champagne.

2.) In two days, I will be sleeping in…LIVING IN…New York City. While the high number of things I don’t yet know about what my summer internship in the City will be like is a little daunting, it mostly makes my first Real World adventure that much more exciting. I already have a list a mile long of places to check out and things to eat when I’m not interning…stay tuned to this blog for what will hopefully be a full, tasty lowdown of my experiences!

3.) This is the 50th post on the tasty tRuth! Thank you all for reading and supporting this project that I jumped into for the heck of it 8 months ago with almost no experience in the blogosphere. Counting both email and social media, there are now 101 followers of the tasty tRuth! I’ve loved writing every single post and can’t wait to see where this blog takes us over time…I have visions. What have you loved or wished for more of from the tasty tRuth? Feedback and is welcome and encouraged at any time!

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