Hello, NYC: A Tourist’s-Eye View

I am sure I was the most excited traveler ever to pass through LaGuardia Airport’s doors. I loved that our flight out of Milwaukee was delayed an hour and half, because I’d heard that air traffic delays are “typical LaGuardia.” I loved each of the fifteen minutes I stood there waiting for my two suitcases to round the baggage carousel once we arrived. This was not any baggage carousel or any airport–these were the first real live NEW YORK CITY experiences I’d ever had.

Don’t worry, my airport obsession passed as soon as I hopped on the subway and stepped into Midtown Manhattan. Skyscrapers (count 33 up–I’ll be spending my weekdays here starting Tuesday),

people speaking languages I’m sure I’ve never heard before, landmarks,

suited ladies running to their office in sneakers, parks and peaceful places,

and food, food, food. Four days of exploring the unknown has lead to some might tasty discoveries, the most important being, when you’re in NYC, the discovering never ends.

I spy “Farm to Table.” I spy a rapidly thinning wallet…

Bagel and chowda at the Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

The first slice, regular. This is Oprah’s favorite slice in NYC, just so we’re clear.

The beginning of a kickin’ Greek dinner in my Greek ‘hood, at Taverna Kyclades

Hipster (and delicious) lemonade at the hipster Brooklyn Flea market

The cure for full day of city walking/exploring? A veggie burger and a beer at Chelsea Market

I officially move into my new digs tomorrow. One more day of being a tourist in the mean time! I’m thinking…New York cheesecake?

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