Let Them Eat Cheesecake! (They Did!)

It happened at Martha’s Country Bakery. Hey Martha, whoever you are, you make a pretty mean slice of New York cheesecake, and you’re a genius for throwing red velvet hot chocolate on your menu. I love and hate that fact that you chose to build this feisty business just two blocks from where I live. It’s gonna get intense.

Cheesecake aside, we also made the required visit as set forth by the tasty bRother (not sure about the capital R in that one yet), to Mamoun’s for some fine falafel. This is a small photo fail; I promise there’s falafel in there. All for the low, low price of $2.50 (I really am in New York, right?)

Soon it came time for the tasty mOther (nope, not sure about that one either) to return home and there I suddenly was! Living in my apartment in New York City! Preparing to start my internship at Food Network Magazine the next day! For one small moment I wondered what on earth I’d gotten myself into. I could just picture myself getting trampled by consumed business people as I tried to make my way to the office for my internship the next day. A sushi lunch at Kumo with the roommate helped calm the nerves,

and an evening stroll through Astoria Park reminded me that NYC has much more to offer than just a climb up the ladder of success. It also reminded me that I’m quite the fast stroller. Let’s not kid ourselves, I’d be the one trampling the consumed business people.

Two more days have passed, and I remain a sane being. My neighborhood is awesome. You want it, we have it (Italian Fraternal Society? check. Greek Orthodox church? check. Balkan grocery store? check.). My internship is awesome, too. I have the biggest office of anyone (it doesn’t matter that it’s in the middle of a “workroom.” It’s Ruthie’s Workroom/mega-office now.), and today one of my tasks was to buy ten bags of marshmallows. What more could one possibly ask for?

Stay tuned.


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