As Scene in NYC

My first five-day week of interning flew by with a diverse slew of assignments ranging from calling reps from countless NFL teams to uncover popular regional tailgating foods, to writing a tidbit (for publication, woo!) about zoos using farmers’ excess pumpkin crops, to picking up and unwrapping a package for my editor containing an entirely edible candle. (I dug it.) There are perks to spending my office days working with food, but that doesn’t mean I’m not ready to get up off my extra-tall office chair at 6PM and venture out into the city to experience food, and a few other things, in their natural settings:

Lunch in Central Park

SPICES at Grand Central Station


Why doesn’t every park have a piano player?

Blackberry-meyer lemonade at Hester Nights

The library of all libraries

NYC’s favorite cookie bakery: Levain

Slice #3, at Stage Door

Crossing Over: Brooklyn Bridge


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