And then there’s Radish Greens Smoothies

Being the connoisseur of locally-grown produce that I am, I packed my bag up this morning and took the 45-minute trek to the greenmarket (read: farmers’ market) nearest my house. For a reason still unknown to me, I decided to purchase a bundle of spicy radishes. I’m guessing the decision had something to do with the fact that they cost $1, and definitely not that fact that I rarely enjoy and often despise radishes.

When I got home, I had a good three-minute stare down with the radishes, hoping my stern glances would somehow transform their flavor, or make them disappear altogether. But as I began to wash them in the sink, they seemed only to get bigger as the green tops flopped about. I then remembered the farmer had asked me if I wanted the tops of the carrots I had also purchased from him cut off, but he never asked me about the radish tops. I quickly threw the red orbs into the fridge–a problem for another day–and engaged in a stare down with the greens instead.

Actually, I utilized my expert Googling skills and learned everything I needed to know about radish tops in three minutes. Yes, the are edible. Yes, you can eat them raw. Yes, they taste good sautéed. Yes, you can put them in smoothies.

Wait. Did someone say SMOOTHIES?

It turns out my radish purchase this morning was only a half failure–I put the greens to work immediately. And while this smoothie may look a failure, I promise it’s only disguised as one. If you tear up a handful of radish greens, and blend them with some yogurt, a banana, berries, and ice, you will have before you a sweet, vitamin-packed, fiber-filled, super-cool beverage . Radical.

This doesn’t, however, change the fact that I still have ten raw spicy radishes hanging out in my fridge…


  1. pineboxcottage says:

    Spicy raw radishes with lovely salty butter on fresh bread. Just a suggestion for the leftover orbs.

  2. Maggie says:

    Late to the party… Just tried pan roasted radishes for the first time. Changed my whole attitude towards those nasty little spicy buggers. they remind me of turnips without the bitterness.

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