Lunch, New York-style

NEWSFLASH: Breakfast is no longer the most important meal of the day. Over here in Manhattan, breakfasts are small and, most importantly, fast. We (HUGE generalizations going on here) basically eat so that we have energy to get to work for the day. If breakfast proves an obstacle between us and our offices–if our granola ran out or the line at the bagel and iced coffee cart is too long–we skip eating without question.

But this is only because we know lunch looms close on the horizon. The monumental break in our long days of work. This is our chance to assess our progress on our own projects, and catch up on the work of our colleagues (or, if you’re me, it’s also an opportunity to frolic through Central Park). And Manhattan knows this well–every food-related establishment structures its businesses around lunch, overstocking coolers with ready-to-go items and over-staffing their hot bar with eager employees. It’s impossible to walk more that half a block without a storefront luring you in for soup! sandwiches! salads! deli! pizza! lunch specials!

With lines curving out most doors come noon, I still wonder why more people don’t opt to bring their own lunches. But I guess that would be another obstacle between waking up in the morning and getting to work. I prefer to bring my own lunch most days, but eating out occasionally is inevitable, enjoyable, and essential to identity as an employee of Manhattan.

Tomato-crab soup with a chopped salad from Hale and Hearty.

Edamame-kimchi falafel tacos from the Kimchi Taco truck.

Even mysterious, hidden lunch places are popular, like this one–hidden behind a theater curtain in a hotel lobby, marked only by a neon burger sign with an arrow. The proof’s in the milkshake.



  1. Sasha says:

    Nice! So you’ve discovered the Le Parker Meridien burger place. It’s one of the must-try in NYC places I listed on my blog:

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