Weekend Wanderings

My office has four scheduled “summer Friday” this year–four Fridays in which the entire office closes for no reason other than it’s Friday and it’s summer. Makes sense, right? Needless to say, a three-day weekend + some wily interns + a guest in town equals a weekend full of edible adventures.

First stop: Magnolia Bakery, a New York tradition since 1996, and especially since it appeared regularly on the TV show Sex and the City.

I had an orange-date cupcake, which is a strange choice because I usually despise orange-flavored anything. The combination worked; the cupcake and the bakery won my approval.

Drinks on an old boat anchored in the Hudson River? Absolutely.

I always see people bringing large, orange beverages onto the trains in the morning–now I know which of the many cafes in my neighborhood sells these fresh juices. And for just under $4, I may soon be one of those beverage-bearing work-goers.

We dodged the rain on the way to Coney Island.

But it was worth it, because we found lobster rolls at Nathan’s.

Have you ever had a black-and-white cookie–the lemon cake-cookie that’s especially popular in New England? If not, you probably should. Martha’s bakes up a good one.

The highlight of our edible weekend, though, was a stroll through Arthur Avenue in the Bronx–New York’s lesser-know but much more authentic Little Italy. Don’t passy up the eggplant parmigiana from Mike’s Deli on any account. Seriously, this is the best sandwich I’ve had in a long while. Good job Italians.

The good news about this three-day weekend? Sunday has only just begun. (And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, it should probably include a long run and some big salads…)

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