Faked by Melissa

Remember my NYC bucket list? I promised you that list would morph the instant I published the post, and morph it has. How could I ever have forgotten to list lunch at Serendipity? Mixed reviews got me wondering: is Brass Monkey really bucket list-worthy? And though skeptical of Baked by Melissa‘s quarter-sized cupcakes, her well-patronized establishment remained on my list. On my way back from lunch break today, I checked it out and checked it off.


At first I thought I’d just order one cupcake–I always crave one sweet bite to round out a savory meal. But there was no way I’d be able to decide on just one flavor, so I opted for a box of three. This was a grave mistake. “Three cupcakes!” I thought. “I guess I’m going all out today!” But with each bite another “cupcake” disappeared from my box, and three bites later I consumed all three “cupcakes,” but still had eaten less than a normal-sized cupcake. I felt like some young scoundrel had just stolen the most delicious cupcake of my life  from me mid-bite. I obviously should have opted for the box of 12–that way I could have sampled each flavor and gotten a full-sized cupcake fix. Your petit bites have New York confused, Melissa, and it’s working to your advantage. It’s not really that we’re in love with the little things, it’s just that we can’t stop eating them.

Size-related rants aside, my three morsels were pretty darn delicious. I had Peanut Butter and Jelly (you had me at peanut butter), the signature Tie-Dye (think rainbows, magic, happiness), and Wedding Cake, which made me want to get married just so I can cater my reception with those Bavarian-cream vanilla bombs. Except I think I’d ask Melissa to just bake one normal-sized Wedding Cake-flavored wedding cake, instead.


  1. sierralei says:

    those look awesome………..drool.

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