The tRuth is About to Get Tastier!

You’ve probably noticed the tasty tRuth has a new look. This is only because of a few irreversible technological errors on my part that deleted the old look forever. No, it certainly was not a proud moment. The good news is, the scramble to create a new, semi-permanent look for the blog inspired me to use the opportunity to slowly but surely improve all the visual elements of the blog with the help of a few tech-savvy, artistic minds. That’s right, folks–over the next few weeks the tasty tRuth will be getting a makeover. Bare with me through the process–just like they say, we might have a new look, but the tRuth will remain just as tasty as ever.

I’ve got a lot in store for future posts. You won’t want to miss these. Seriously, tell your friends.

Coming Soon to the tasty tRuth:

The Hippest Food Festival on the Planet

50 Weeks of CHEESE

Behind the Blogging Scenes

and tons more…

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