Giddy at the Hippest Food Festival on the Planet

You know that feeling when you get so excited about something that your body stops functioning the way it should? The feeling where you can’t decide whether you just want to let yourself go and let the experience envelop you all at once or if you want to step back and slow time down so you can experience every minute to the max? Do you know what giddy feels like? This is exactly how I felt when I opened my email inbox last April to read I’d been offered my internship at Food Network Magazine. My jaw dropped, I closed my computer,  blinked a few times to clear my eyes, opened the computer again–the email was still there–and then went back to completing the homework assignment I was in the middle of. For a minute. Then, I read the email one more time just to make sure I really wasn’t hallucinating, and my body promptly proceeded to overheat as reality sunk in. My face flushed a magnificent hue and I felt the need to down two full-sized Nalgenes of water in five minutes. My body just didn’t know how to handle giddy.

This is also how I felt on my first visit to the hippest food festival on the planet (okay, minus the overheating). I’d heard whispers of this weekly outdoor food booth extravaganza, but it wasn’t until I set sight on this river-side park lined with nearly 100 vendors selling food like I’d never seen it equally curious, hungry masses.

This, my friends, is Smorgasburg. New York’s answer to the high demand for good food, and a lot it, often.

It’s where you wait in a half-hour long line to eat a smoked brisket sandwich, even though you don’t normally eat meat.

It’s where you cook s’mores with a kitchen torch

And you make Italian ices from a block of ice

Don’t forget the kale chip booth, or the place that serves vegan sliders. You’ll probably want an ice cream sandwich made between homemade cookies of your choice, and it would be a shame to pass by the infamous $17 lobster roll. And if you did all that, you’d just be getting started.

Yes, somewhere in a northern corner of Brooklyn I found Smorgasburg, filled my stomach, and got giddy. Despite causing you body moderate amounts of (good) stress, I think it’s a great practice to be happy out of your mind on occasion–to experience an edgier side of yourself. Maybe for you it’s not Smorgasburg that gets you going, but there’s something that makes each us pass our normal boundary of sanity in the name of excitement.

I’d love to know, what makes you (just a little too) giddy?


  1. Sasha says:

    OMG. That brisket looks mighty fine. Which booth was is from?

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