Reverse NYC Food Bucket List!

A couple of months ago, I made my bucket list of all the food-related places I wanted to visit before I left New York City. As I became more familiar with the city, I realized that making one list so early on was a poor choice. I heard of about 3 new places I wanted to add to my list every day, and there are even a few that, looking back, should never have made the original cut. My mental bucket list morphs as much and as often as the dining scene in one of the world’s biggest cities. That’s a lot.

Enter: The Reverse NYC Food Bucket List.

Since it’s proved impossible to create one list of must-visit destinations before I leave NYC (whenever that may be…spring, perhaps?), I decided to create a reverse bucket list–a catalog of all the establishments I’ve visited, loved, and certainly would have included on my original list had I known about them before creating it. The list will grow longer as I visit more places and will always be available on the “NYC Bucket List” tab on the top of my blog. Not only will this be a helpful way for me to remember my favorite places in the city, but it might give you some ideas about where to head if ever you find yourself hungry in New York City.

To all you New Yorkers out there–leave a comment with your suggestions for places I must add to my reverse bucket list! Let’s eat our way through New York together.

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