Truffle Tremor: Week 6 of 52 Weeks of Cheese

Week 6: Truffle Tremor from Cypress Grove Chèvre in California

Cost per pound: $30

Aging time: 1 month

Hardness/style: Bloomy rind

Milk type: Goat

Rating (of 10): 8

I’m learning I love goat milk cheeses. This one is special. First, Cypress Grove Chevre (the producer) is special because, in the world of cheese enthusiasts, another of their cheese called Humboldt Fog is well-known and ever-loved. Second, truffles. This cheese has the tiniest flecks of truffles in it. (Yes, the savory kind.) My only other experience eating truffles was at my former restaurant of employment, where there was a supplemental fee of $10 to get the smallest shaving atop your pasta. So naturally, just the thought of eating this cheese gave me and my novice tasting skills the tremors. I looked my wedge in the eye, gave it a whiff, and took a bit-sized taste. I could tell it was special–I didn’t know what made it special but I was proud I could tell it was. Other than that, I orally described it as “Kind of like brie, but not, and a little cakier.” Since those words fall short of proper descriptive standards, let’s turn to the words of a well-versed internet source for a better description: “We lust after this cheese’s tangy, lactic, cakey-textured paste, heady with fungal earthiness .” So there you have it. The only reason you need to experience the tremors around this cheese is out of sheer delight. Even if you’re at a loss for words, you’ll know this creation is a winner.



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