Battle: Ruthie vs. Oatmeal

At the ripe age of 23, one would think I’d have learned how to cook a bowl of oatmeal by now.

One would think.

I mean, how hard can mixing oats, water, and maybe a dash of salt until it comes together in a goopy mass really be? For whatever reason, though, oats and I have never gotten along. My goopy mass unfailingly turns into a pot of too-dry clumps, or remains a soupy porridge that I’m sure would be appetizing to Goldilocks’ bears, but not me. And when my pot ‘o oats begins to bubble, it’s as if grainy geysers are going off in my kitchen. I might as wear my safety goggles and (non-existent) paintball suit the next time I take oats to stove.

Though I prefer to think oats have formulated a plot against me personally, my inability is likely due to my refusal to do any kind of measuring in the morning hours, or that I get distracted by my cat and doing my hair (respectively) and step away from the kitchen for a few minutes too long.

But I really do love oatmeal. Oh, for the Saturdays of my childhood, when I would dish up a piping hot bowl from the family pot waiting on the stove, and load it with brown sugar, a pat of butter, and milk! Can year not hear my moans of nostalgic delight? So naturally, I was quite excited when I stumbled on a recipe for oatmeal that requires no cooking at all.

This recipe is easy peasy, adaptable to your preferences, and pretty darn tasty. The only effort required is remembering to assemble it the night before you wish to consume. Letting the ingredients sit together overnight is ingenious. The oats soak up all the moisture from the milk and yogurt all by themselves (no grainy geysers required), and breakfast is ready the minute you open the fridge door in the morning. It’s like a slow cooker, but not.

I’m proud to say the scores of Battle: Ruthie vs. Oatmeal have just changed from 0 to 29, to 1 to 29!

Overnight Fridge Oatmeal

Recipe adapted from The Yummy Life

Makes 1 serving


1/4 cup old-fashioned rolled oats

1/3 cup milk (I used unsweetened almond)

1/4 cup plain yogurt

1/4 cup fruit (I used blueberries)

1-2 tablespoons nuts, raisins, or other toppings, optional (I used chia seeds)

Maple syrup or agave nectar to taste


Combine all ingredients in a glass jar or other container, making sure all oats get wet. Let sit in fridge overnight. Serve chilled.

How do you take your oatmeal?

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