Gorgonzola: Week 7 of 52 Weeks of Cheese

Week 7: Gorgonzola from Italy

Purchased at: Trader Joe’s in Manhattan

Cost per pound: $8.99

Aging time: 3-4 months

Hardness/style: Blue-veined

Milk type: Raw cow’s

Rating (of 10): 8.5

Blue-veined cheeses are an interesting category, mostly because they are swimming in edible molds. Cheese newbie that I am, I recently learned that blue cheeses are actually pierced at the beginning of the aging process to allow breathing room for molds to grow in the middle of the cheese. Hence “blue-veined.” Naturally, blue cheeses are not for the faint of heart or unadventurous. I’ve always enjoyed blue cheeses on my salads, but never have a I actually bought a wedge for the explicit purpose of tasting. I think I learned the definition of “piquant” with this one. The earthy, herby molds literally cleared my nose out with one bite. This is a cheese to savor, not to gorge on. The cashier at Trader Joe’s suggested spreading it on a good cracker and drizzling it with honey, which is exactly how I chose to savor the rest after my initial bite. Good idea. I loved it. A lot. The crackers cut down the pungency of the molds, and honey elevated the natural creaminess of the cheese. They say everybody “needs someone to lean on,” and I say, “If gorgonzola is included, you’re exactly right.” Yum.

What is your favorite way to eat blue cheese?

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