Gruyere: Week 8 of 52 Weeks of Cheese

Wait, Monday is almost over already? I guess I rolled out of bed right into a chaotic, deadline-driven day at Food Network Magazine, where one task rolled endlessly into the next with barely a minute to blink. Usually I don’t mind when five-day-long work weeks roll by at such a steady pace, but today I found myself wishing I could just hit the pause button for a minute. I only have two days left at my internship — a fact that didn’t really sink in until this morning.

I can’t believe the wealth of knowledge I gained during this internship. It’s easy to take the wealth of talent I’m surrounded by on a daily basis for granted. Today I wanted to reach for that pause button and take a moment to think, “Whoa, you’re in New York City, working with and learning from the people who have created the top-selling food magazine in the country. That’s pretty cool.” But the minutes move ever forward on floor 35 of Hearst Tower. Nobody every created a top-notch magazine by standing around pushing pause buttons.

The pause didn’t come until I stumbled, physically and mentally tired, in my front door and sat down with on over-sized glass of water. And then my stomach decided to make its presence known and demand that Cheese Day at the tasty tRuth being immediately–it knows no pause buttons. Out came the Gruyère, and then finally, fueled by a fresh slice of cheese, I slumped down into my chair, kicked my shoes off, wiped my brow, and pushed pause.

Week 8: Gruyère from Switzerland

Cost per pound: $4.99

Aging time: 5+ months

Hardness/style: Semi-soft

Milk type: Cow’s

Rating (of 10): 7

My Gruyère was on the younger side as far as Gruyeres go. Gruyère is a popular cheese for melting in pasta dishes or using in fondue, but I preferred it straight up. This is not a complex cheese, but I really loved its extreme creaminess, softness, and mild nutty notes. Kind of like a Swiss cheese for beginners.

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