What’s Tasty This Week

It’s been a whirlwind week.

My internship ended Wednesday. (Photo: My fellow interns and I were lucky enough to get to tour of the Food Network TV studios before we left. To say I was excited to walk through the studio where Iron Chef is filmed would be a harsh understatement. All that was missing was Alton Brown.)



I joined NYC Food Bloggers for our second meetup–this time at Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village. The cozy, underground bar and restaurant had a warm, neighborhood-y feel with a creative edge. Jimmy himself gave all 8 of us a warm welcome and served us a variety of appetizers to munch on while sipped our draught beers and chatted. The shishito peppers with lemon and sea salt were intriguing, and the bahn mi hot dog bites were a first, but the cheese plate with raw goat’s milk, blue, and cheddar cheese was my fave. I may or may not have made sure this plate was stationed within arm’s reach of me all evening.


I met with two of the passionate people behind Harlem Grown, a non-profit group working to better Harlem’s livelihood, to check out their latest project — an urban hydroponic greenhouse. These folks took this:And are turning it into this:

I’m hoping to have time this fall to work with Harlem Grown to engage the teachers at the elementary school directly across from the greenhouse to find the best ways to integrate the greenhouse and a focus on healthy eating into their curriculums.  Cool stuff.

And, most importantly, I indulged in my package from my first Foodie Pen Pal! I joined this program that a blogger started about a year ago as a fun way for fellow foodies to send their favorite goodies to another foodie, and receive a package of goodies in return. Food + Snail Mail = one ecstatic Ruthie. I know you’re jealous right now, so why don’t you go ahead a join, too? No need to be a blogger to get in on the fun.

My first ever package came from Lindsey, who recently moved to San Francisco after living in NYC for 8 years. She just started her blog, Kalefornication, to document her food experiences as a transplant from one of the greatest food cities in the country to another. I dug right into my box the day it arrived — it was filled with fun treats like natural jelly beans, dried peaches (a first for me), a gourmet dark chocolate bar, a box fancy pancake mix, and a bag of San Franola granola. Yum! Lindsey was also nice enough to write me a list of her favorite NYC restaurants as she new I was new to this city and was eager for suggestions. I can’t wait to check out the places she recommended and hopefully add some to my reverse bucket list. Thanks for an awesome package, Lindsey!

Between all of the food madness this week held, I’ve barely had time to look ahead. Many of you have asked me “what’s next” now that my internship is over. It’s a question on the forefront of my mind, too. I don’t have a full answer for you yet, but I do know for sure that there will be no shortage of tastiness as I walk down this winding life path–and the tasty tRuth will be there every step of the way. Stay tuned.




  1. Julie says:

    I’ve never had the tcho chocolate – must try it! And awesome San Franola! It’s such a great name for it!

  2. Cathy Bergh says:

    It is fun to tap into your blog! Sounds like you are having a great time!! Cathy

  3. I did Foodie Pen Pals for awhile, but got a little discouraged when my pen pal put no effort into her box for me, so I stopped. It’s a great program though. P.s. I’ve met the farmer behind Frog Hollow Farm, their produce is AMAZING!! It was great to see you again, and looking forward to the next meet up.

    • thetastytruth says:

      SO awesome you got to meet the faces behind my dried peaches! 🙂 I’m out of town for the next meetup, but I hope to catch you all at the following event!

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