Montegrappa: Week 9 of 52 Weeks of Cheese

Week 9: Montegrappa from Italy

Cost per pound: $10.99

Aging time: 8 months

Hardness/style: Firm

Milk type: Raw Cow’s

Rating (of 10): 4


Maybe I was having an off day, or maybe I over-cheesed it while learning about all the cheeses at my new job in the specialty department of Whole Foods, but this Italian cheese didn’t do anything for me. I passed Eataly the other day and couldn’t resist stopping in for some fine Italian appetizers. I asked the cheesemonger for a good, firm cheese that would be nice paired with crackers (and that was on the low end of the price spectrum), and this is immediately what he pointed me towards. Some sources say this cheese tastes of brown butter and toasted walnuts, but the only thing that stood out to me was its very solid, milky texture. This would be a great cheese for picky eaters or those opposed to any pungency. Or maybe I just need to have the Italians educate me on what I’m missing.

I’d be okay with that.

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