Cheese 11: Tomme de Savoie

I just counted eight different cheeses in my fridge.

I’m not sure how many one must possess to officially be considered a cheese, uh, nerd…but I’m thinking I must be getting pretty close. Can we say once I have ten, I can bump my status from Blue Beginner to Better at Cheddar? I can’t wait until I’m Whey Advanced. (That was really cheesy of me.)

Week 11: Tomme de Savoie from Savoie, France

Cost per pound: $17

Aging time: 2 months

Hardness/style: Firm

Milk type: Raw cow

Rating (of 10): 4.5

This is one earthy cheese. Think nutty, grassy, and mushroomy all in one. I don’t mind a little earthiness now and again, but this specific aroma combined with its almost-pasty texture and overly pungent rind didn’t quite cut it for me. I mean, I love the opportunity to travel to the French Alps through a bite of cheese, but I’d rather not be wrinkling my nose in the process. You say Tomme de Savoie, I say Tomme de Sorry. At least for now.


  1. Jessica says:

    It’s not my favorite, either!

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