Cheese 12: Saint André

Cheese 12 of 52: Saint André (American-made, but of French origin)

Cost per pound: $10

Aging time: 1 month +

Hardness/style: Soft-ripened

Milk type: Cow

Rating (of 10): 7

Oh my goodness. Saint André is basically cheesecake, minus the sugar. It’s a triple-creme cheese, meaning the butterfat content is around 75%. The flavors and texture are similar to a brie, but with a milder bite and  a more solid texture. This cheese is truly an equation for success. I’ve met people who oo and ah over Saint André and get a wistful glint in their eye if you simply mention this widely loved triple-creme cheese. It’s a darn good topping for your favorite cracker  or baguette and for a minute had me questioning my belief in any other cheese ever. But its richness gets you after a couple bites, and you realize you can’t go on eating such heaven for ever. Which is kind of boring, because I’d prefer to eat a cheese endlessly…

Think you’ll give the heavenly cake-like cheese a shot? (I think so.)

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