What I Ate On My “Summer Vacation”

While interning, I quickly learned that New Yorkers love their summer vacations. Families flee to the Jersey Shore every weekend; most companies honor “summer Fridays,” which entails reduced or no work on Fridays in the summer; many local joints would struggle if not for the dependable patronage of tourists.

In a city of over 8 million residents, I more than understand that sometimes all one can do to stay sane is GET OUT.

And yet, I remained captive of my internship and of New York City for the entire summer. I did not leave the city limites for three and a half months. As Midwesterner who grew up footsteps from a lake or a thick forest, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I often sought refuge in the not-really-nature of Central Park, and the crowded-but-still-natural shores of Rockaway and Coney Island beaches. I learned to tune out all noise on demand, no matter the decibel (or at least, I tried), and found my little box of a silent apartment something of a chapel.

But last week, the first week of fall, I finally got to take a “summer vacation” of my own. My mom and I took a road trip up the Atlantic Coast to the nippy, quiet, and lush wilderness of Acadia National Park in Maine. The change of scenery fed my soul big time.

I also fed myself big time with food. I mean, vacation always equals indulgent eating, right?

The vacation started with a splurge on a three course dinner in New York City, and ended a week later with my the first-ever take-out meal back in New York City. We really ate through the spectrum of tasty in between — think seafood, local brews, ice cream — but these edible “bookends” to my vacation were two of my favorite “I-don’t-care-I’m-on-holiday-and-I’ll-eat-whatever-I-want” meals.

Three Course Prix Fixe Menu at Lincoln Ristorante

Wine: Our request: an (affordable) bottle of delicious, dry red wine. What the sommelier brought us: Metalfco Rosso. Yes, it was dry, red, and most definitely delicious.

Course 1: Burrata salad with greenmarket tomatoes and basil seeds. Holy fabulous; I freaking love burrata.

Course 2: Milk-fed pork shoulder ravioli. I was once again craving meat, and this was quite the heavenly craving satisfier.

Course 3: Sheep’s milk ricotta cheesecake. Sheep, I love you! Cheesecake, I love you, too! And still, I will never forget the goat cheesecake I ate at L’Etoile.

For being my second official fine dining experience, I can’t judge much besides how easy the experience was, and how satisfied I was from the first bite to the last crumb of our mignardises. I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting foodie start to our vacation.

Build-Your-Own Burger from Just Burgers

I realized tonight as I gazed longingly into Just Burger as I strolled past if for the 479th time on my way home from the subway that I had never done the thing I once presumed all New Yorkers did on a nightly basis: order take-out. I decided tonight I would order take-out in honor of being back in New York City after a week away. But mostly, I just wanted a burger. And we all know how rarely I crave burgers. When I learned that Just Burgers uses grass-fed, antibiotic free, local meats, I was sold on  a turkey burger with chipotle aioli. Good choice, Ruthie.

I’m glad tonight’s dinner was full of boundary crossings and firsts, because it still hasn’t quite sunk in that my “summer vacation” is now officially over.

New York City, it’s just you, me, and your manmade, people-ridden “nature” again until Thanksgiving. And somehow, I can’t hate you for it, because you’re New York City, after all. Beautiful New. York. City.


  1. Sasha says:

    Glad you had a delicious time! We missed you at the last event tho :/

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