A Two-Ingredient Pancake, and a New Foodie Penpal

I’ve been going through a bit of a pancake phase. Or maybe it’s more accurate to call it an obsession, as it’s lasted months. I’m pretty sure this obsession stems from making it though the Three-Year Pancake Shortage, also known as College. I ate pancakes about three times in those entire three years, each time at an end-of-semester all-you-can-eat pancake exam-week breakfast hosted a campus org. Those days were oh-so-dangerous, but all too amazing.

Well, why didn’t you just eat more pancakes in  your three college years, you ask? I lived in a dorm for my first year and a half, so cooking pancakes was simply not possible. Eating them in the cafeteria was an option I never and shall never consider. After my dorm experience, I studied in the Netherlands, where I was spoiled with real Dutch pannenkoeken, but never a good ol’ fashioned flapjack. By the time my last year of college rolled around, I had learned to equate college with not eating pancakes, and hence never took batter to pan. A serious mistake in hindsight, but what can I say — Pavlov works in mysterious ways.

Fast forward to me moving out of college and into the Real World, and my passion immediately reignited. Breakfast, lunch and dinner took note of this veritable stovetop creation that I do so love. And most recently, I’m digging a modern riff on the classic that I first read about over at Carrots ‘N’ Cake. Meet the wonderfully custardy, oh-so-healthy, completely tasty Two-Ingredient Pancake.

(And yes, my pancake is definitely swimming in syrup. It was only partly an accident.)

Two-Ingredient Pancakes

Makes 1 pancake


1 banana

1 egg


Thoroughly mash the banana, then whisk it together with the egg. Warm a pan or griddle on low heat, then pour in the batter. Cook until the bottom is brown and solidified — this may take about five minutes on low heat. Flip, and cook other side until golden brown. Top with your favorite pancake fixings, and dig in.

In Other News, today is the official reveal day for September Foodie Penpals! This is my second month participating the in the program, and it was just as much fun as the first time. I got to send a package to Carla at Baking, not Banking. Her blog is just as much fun as she is — I loved corresponding with her and sharing a mutual love of New York City. I received a lovely package from Angela in Houston, Texas. She sent me a box of local treats. (A container of veggie chips were consumed before the photo shoot. Oops!) Thanks Angela!

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