Cheese 15: Mahon


Week 15 of 52 Weeks of Cheese: Mahon from Spain

Cost per pound: $15

Aging time: 2 months – 2 years

Hardness/style: Semi-firm

Milk type: Cow

Rating (of 10): 7

Have you ever dreamed of spending an afternoon sipping wine under the shade of an olive tree in a sunny pasture in Spain? Well, I can’t say I ever have — until I ate this Spanish cheese. Mahon is frighteningly simple, but its forward cow milk flavor brought me directly to that cozy spot under a Spanish olive tree. Add the subtle nutty bite of this semi-firm cheese, and let’s call it an afternoon. This cheese is traditionally eaten in thin slices drizzled with olive oil and salt — and honestly, I think that sounds ideal. I’d also eat it with a good cracker, and preferably in the middle of a sunny pasture in — you know…

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