Sullivan Street, Momofuku, and Vosges

It’s been a tasty few weeks for me out on the streets of New York City. Here are a few favorite finds, all new additions to the Reverse NYC Bucket List.

Sullivan Street Bakery

I wanted to check this place out since my first foodie penpal sent it to me on her list of favorite NYC restaurants. Sullivan Street Bakery has two locations in Manhattan, one a barely noticeable storefront with about five seats tucked away in Midtown; the other a mid-sized cafe in the heart of Chelsea. I visited the latter. The classy-casual vibe was nice considering there was ample space to sit and hang for a few hours with nobody rushing you out. I asked the counterperson for suggestions of what to order, and she pointed me towards this focaccia-like bread stuffed with Gruyère and topped with sea salt — fresh out of the oven. It’s clear Sullivan Street knows how to bake! And with $2.50 slices of pizza on the menu, I can do nothing but love this joint.

Momofuku Noodle Bar

If you don’t know, the Momofuku “dynasty” is infamous in New York. Revered chef David Chang has opened countless innovative branches of Momofuku, each location with a unique spin. People swoon over the cereal milk ice cream and crack pie at the Momofuku Milk Bar, and couples wait months for a reservation at one of the 8 seats in Momofuku Ko. But Momofuku Noodle Bar is the original, and so I became quite giddy when a friend suggested we meet there for lunch. The menu includes an eclectic mix of dolled up ramens, pork buns, and…fried chicken. (I know, but it’s New York, so you can do whatever you want.) I opted for the ginger scallion noodle bowl. Maybe it’s just that I’m not much of a noodle person, but I wasn’t blown away by the gentle flavors and high noodle-to-vegetable ratio. My friend’s Momofuku Ramen was much tastier. In any case, it was cool to finally be sitting at the famous high wooden bar in the ghostly presence of David Chang. I’m one step closer to being a real New York foodie.

Vosges Haut Chocolate

There is nothing I love about strolling up Madison Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. I’m just not one who enjoys window-shopping for the furriest of coats or shiniest of watches. And I don’t particularly need to be in the company of people who discuss how many pairs of black leather boots they own and how many they are allowed to buy today. That happened. But, I do and will always love me a fancy cup of hot chocolate, even if it’s called “Parisienne Haut Drinking Chocolate,” and especially if it’s topped with whipped cream.

Where else do I need to eat in New York City? Let me know your faves!


  1. Sasha says:

    YOU DIDN’T GET PORK BUNS?! You haven’t lived until you’ve had the pork buns… and Chang was actually present? I’ve never seen him there 🙁

  2. Jessica says:

    The pork buns are amazing. And the fried chicken is reservation only- there are 2, one southern fried and the other is a korean fried chicken, which I guess is how it fits in to the theme.

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