I’d Vote for Cheese 18

Good morning, and happy election day! I’m proud to say I voted in my second presidential election via absentee ballot (on Wisconsin!). Please vote, and then join me on my comfy couch (or your couch), twiddle your fingers impatiently, and simultaneously avoid and check the news constantly.

You may have noticed how I stealthily avoided mentioning for whom I voted, and that’s because this blog is more about tasty food and good writing and less about politicians (as life should be). But I will tell you a few things I would vote for:

1.) I’d vote for the fact that my apartment and I made it through my first hurricane unscathed! Others were no so fortunate, and with the incoming Nor’easter (if you’re oblivious like me, that’s a weather pattern unique to this region; a mini-hurricane), recovery crews are scrambling to help those still left without shelter. Consider donating to the efforts. I’d vote for that.

2.) I’d vote for my blog’s new look. Wouldn’t you? Also, you might want to check out the revamped FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest pages. You guys are the best!

3.) Finally, I’d vote for Week 18 of 52 Weeks of Cheese: Persille du Beaujolais from France

Cost per pound: $15

Aging time: 2-4 months

Hardness/style: Blue-veined

Milk type: Cow

Rating (of 10): 7.5

This is a very likeable blue cheese, and very affordable for its quality and complexity. Don’t let the fancy name scare you–the French-er the name of a cheese, the more we can feel confidant of its authenticity. I loved the solid, creamy but borderline crumbly texture of this blue–it really complimented the noticeable but not overpowering earthiness of the blue molds. I’m ever a fan of blue cheese with a crisp cracker and honey — it worked for this one, too. Yes, this cheese surely has my vote.

What are you voting for on this election day? Come on, be creative.

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