The Last Cheese: Rush Creek Reserve

I know I promised you 52 weeks of cheese, but don’t you think 20 is much better? I do. My cheese obsession grows ever-stronger — I guarantee I will continue to eat and critique my way through the wonderful world of cheese, but the tRuth is, there are more fun things to blog about. (If you think you’ll miss these cheese posts, let’s talk.) So this is the last cheese.

And folks, it’s a darn fine one. It’s one of Wisconsin’s most lauded cheeses. It’s the first cheese anyone suggested I review for these blog posts. It’s the cheese the staff at Madison’s most-respected restaurant go into a frenzy for when it’s finally available each winter. It’s the cheese that moved my boss to hunt me down and show me the minute we got it in at work. It’s a cheese I paid, yes, $30 to pack in my suitcase and fly back from NYC to Wisconsin to share with my family this Thanksgiving.

Is this raw milk, washed-rind, spruce bark-wrapped, spoonable cow’s milk cheese all it’s cracked up to be?

My adventurous family and I threw out handfuls of adjectives as we assessed our feelings towards it. “Interesting.” (<–Always promising.) Meaty. Straw-y. Farmstead. Nutty. Creamy. Salty. Woodsy. Rich. Bright.

And did I mention, darn fine? Overall, we liked it. I loved it. Even my baby cousin took a taste. (Though she may have spit it out a few seconds later.)

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, including an unending of selection of new and interesting cheeses to try, especially Wisconsin cheeses like Rush Creek Reserve, and mostly, having amazing, tolerant, loving family to share these moments with.


Week 20 of 20 Weeks of Cheese: Rush Creek Reserve from Wisconsin

Cost per pound: $39.99

Aging time: 2+ weeks

Hardness/style: Washed

Milk type: Raw Cow

Rating (of 10): 9

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