A Lesson on Wisconsin to That Guy at the Airport

Most residents of New York City understand how good it feels –and how utterly essential it is– to Get The Heck Out every now and then. But what they don’t know is how perfect a place Wisconsin is to flee to. This post is, if nothing else, a lesson to the guy at the NYC airport who just couldn’t understand why I’d travel from “a cold place to a colder place” for an entire week. This, Airport Guy, is why:

Not only do Wisconsinites prefer real trees, backyards, and slow afternoons in eclectic coffee shops to briefcases, too-tall heels, and endless concrete — we also know how to successfully execute cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner with just a toaster oven, a microwave and grill. True oven-breaking-down story. It was delicious. Morgan agreed.

And only in Wisconsin can you go to a restaurant with 52 in-state beers on tap, and 100 more local bottled selections. Only in Wisconsin can you sip a Spotted Cow or, my current favorite, Hopalicious, while noshing on deep-fried cheese curds.

Only in Wisconsin can you partake in The Best Darn Pizza You Will Ever Eat*, because it’s where my mother and her magical cooking skills live.

And only at Madison’s Nostrano can you pair a spiced cocktail made with locally distilled gin, with sustainably raised grilled guinea hen and pickled seasonal honeycrisp apples.

It’s  been a tasty week back in America’s Dairyland, and this is only the start of why I’d never think twice about going from “a cold place to a colder place.” While I don’t feel the need to Get the Heck Out of this place, I’m excited to continue my New York City adventures tomorrow. The guy at the airport would definitely agree that tomorrow I’ll leave one pretty darn tasty place for — yes– an even tastier place. Plus, this time, my suitcase is well-stocked with my favorite local brews to keep me warm no matter which state I find myself in this winter…


  1. Sasha says:

    Yum. Wisconsin sounds awesome 😉

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