‘Tis the Season for Magic and Artichoke Pizza

I found myself wandering aimlessly through Manhattan again the other day. This city is teaching me things about my vulnerable side, including how I’m much more of a sucker for trees ensnared with Christmas lights, outdoor markets that waft of roasting nuts and hot cocoa, and detailed, brilliant window displays than I ever thought possible.

Miracle on 34th Street takes on a whole new meaning when you walk on the decked out 34th street every day. Even a place as “ordinary” and Grand Central Station feels entirely different when you add a few wreaths and a couple of gift booths selling $250 French glass bracelets. The magic is undeniably alive in New York City.

But as I wandered Manhattan the other day, was it really the strands of lights and spicy aromas that inspired me to indulge in my favorite latte in the city?

Was it the humble Christmas tree in the window of a dive-y restaurant or the red and green lightpost banners that made me feel the desire to finally cross under Artichoke‘s neon sign and partake in their well-loved, cream sauce-laden namesake pizza?

In a material sense, yes. But more powerful than the physical transformations are the transformations that progress in our minds this time of year. We can produce a twinkling of lights and a comforting set of aromas any time, but it’s the particular sensory experiences we create in December that ignite the cozy, festive spark within us and reassure us without a doubt that it’s cozy latte season; best pizza season; Christmas in New York City.

“Maybe that’s what life is…a wink of the eye and winking stars.” -Jack Kerouac

Where do you find magic this month?

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