Getting My Greek On at Chobani SoHo

If you’ve stolled through the dairy section of a grocery store recently, you probably noticed how Greek yogurt is fighting a winning battle to take it over. Here in America, we’re in love with that extra-thick consistency and the high-protein content of this strained yogurt. A long-time connoisseur of plain, “normal” yogurt, I too now err on the side of Greek. It feels healthy to eat, it tastes just as good, and there’s something about that texture that almost convinces me I’m eating one of my favorite food groups — ice cream.

Naturally I was thrilled when Chobani SoHo invited me  down to taste their newest Greek yogurt creations.

Chobani SoHo is a hip little yogurt cafe just off of Broadway. This is not a place where they dump their yogurt cups into a bowl and give it to you — they are much classier. Chobani SoHo offers 8 or 9 different “creations,” — a generous serving of plain Greek yogurt, topped with unique combinations of high quality, healthy ingredients. Strawberry, granola, and clover honey is an easy one to love, as is their most popular creation — plain yogurt topped with dark chocolate, clover honey, Turkish pistachios, orange and fresh mint. Yum!


When I stopped by, I got to try their newest savory creation–plain yogurt topped with smoked salmon, fresh dill, olive oil and fresh lemon juice, served with a side of bagel chips. The idea with this creation is to remake the New York favorite bagel and lox in yogurt form. I was highly skeptical of this idea, but oh how well it worked!



When followed by their Valentine’s week special–plain yogurt with raspberries, dark chocolate, pecans and clover honey, I felt I’d just eaten the perfect meal.


I’m not one to buy into big brands, but I have to give Chobani big props for taking something healthy and making it more accessible to all of us. Each creation is served in a glass bowl that you’re encouraged to take home (or return for 25 cents) along with a recipe card for each creation on the menu. Sure, it’s easy to throw yogurt and some other healthy ingredients in a bowl at home, but after a stop at Chobani Soho, it’s impossible not to.

What are your favorite yogurt mix-ins?


  1. Chobani says:

    So glad you could join us, Ruthie! It was an absolute treat to host you and the other lovely ladies.


  2. Jessica says:

    So jealous! I wish I could’ve come with you. I love Chobani for their taste, but also their social media is great. They’re also a NY company 😉

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