Duck Fat Brussels, Nutty Sushi and Artisan FroYo

The latest segment in the tasty tRuth’s NYC culinary wanderings…

Duck Fat Brussel Sprouts at The Guilty Goose

What do you get when you combine a successful happy hour with a food menu placed directly in front of you? In this case, it was an order of duck fat brussel sprouts. Fully intentional or no, ordering these proved to be a good decision. Duck fat is finding a home on most hip NYC menus these day, and I now understand why. It transformed the crunchy, compact sprout into a an almost flakey, leafy green pillow. Excuse the poor culinary metaphor, but it was as if the sprouts all gave deep sighs of relief and were finally at peace with themselves. They were certainly at peace with my palate.


Nutty Buddy at Beyond Sushi 

Nutty Buddy sushi wrap, you had me at jalapeño peanut butter. I love the innovative menu at this East Village joint — all vegetarian and strictly unheard of ingredient combinations. In addition to the handmade peanut butter, my rice paper wrap included buckwheat noodles, crushed peanuts, cilantro, avocado, sesame oil, carrots, baked tofu and lettuce. The whole rice paper wrap situation was a little extremely messy, but definitely worth a the use of a few extra napkins.


Winter Wonderland FroYo from Culture

Uh, whoa. Frozen yogurt made on-site with locally sourced milk? Healthy toppings made in-house? Yes, yes I did take a loyalty card even though I don’t live anywhere near this froyo spot. I chose to top my swirl of orignal and nutella froyo with the Winter Wonderland combination of toppings — peppermint bark, dark chocolate sauce and a gingerbread cookie. (Okay, definitely the least healthy choice on a the menu. Next time I’ll opt for something like mango/coconut flakes/flax. Promise.) I really can’t decide whether it’s a good or a bad thing that I don’t live in Culture’s hood…



  1. abbynies says:

    Jealous of it all, but especially the sushi.

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