Good Morning? Great Morning! Breakfast Parfait

Some mornings on my days off of work, I wake up feeling deader than I looked while sleeping. There’s an uncomfortable, limb-flailing toss and a losing battle with my comforter that prefers to cover the floor and not me, an ugly drawn-out groan, and a slump into an awkward sprawl for a few more hours of half-sleep. Birds do not sing on these days. Skies are definitely gray.

And then there’s the days I wake up when my alarm normally sounds, wondering why I slept so long. The days I crank the tunes and brew espresso not because it’s the only way I’ll get out the door on time, but because it’s the nectar of God. These are the beautiful days I naturally have more energy than I did during the sugar rush of my life. If you’re lucky, you might even catch me dancing around my living room. But only if you’re lucky.

You’ve had Great Mornings like this, right? These, these are the mornings the banana breakfast is transformed into a layered creation that I wouldn’t put effort into making look so perfect for any reason other that it being a Great Morning. When you and I do have Great Mornings, though, we deserve to have a breakfast that matches our mood in both taste and appearance. Because we’re worth it.


Great Morning Breakfast Parfait


Chopped fruit (I used 1 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, and the seeds of one pomegranate)

Yogurt (I used a small container of plain Greek yogurt, plus a touch of ricotta left over from another recipe)

Ground flax seeds, chia seeds, granola, or your favorite chopped nuts




Find a clear canning jar or other glass cup so you can admire the beauty of your layering skills. Layer all ingredients in jar until you reach the top. Finish with a dash of cinnamon. Smile at your handiwork, take an Instagram if you will, and dig in.

Have a Great Morning!!!

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