Balthazar, Dim Sum and Hot Toddies

The first 16 days of 2014 have included the usual frenzied food experiments in various too-small kitchens, but also an unusually high percentage of meals out. This food lover is all too pleased, and can only imagine what new adventures are yet to unfold. A few highlights:

Balthazar is an institution as far as brunch and baked goods go in NYC. A hot item on my bucket list for over a year, I finally got to experience a lively Saturday brunch a couple weeks ago. My latte and eggs Florentine were overpriced, but both extremely well-made. The touch of fresh-grated parmesan cheese knocked the eggs’ cream sauce out of the park.

IMG_1962My first every dim sum experience took place at yet another NYC institution, The Golden Unicorn. The carts rolled continuously past our table, tempting us with mostly unidentifiable but clearly authentic Asian fare…the adventure lay in the mystery of wondering what exactly we ordered. Shrimp shumai and a sweet sesame bun were the most memorable…I wish a cart would roll past me with some more right now!

IMG_1979A recent Friday filled with adventure began at a very laid-back restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called The Lokal. The brunch menu offered a standard selection of breakfast-going-on-lunch items (I got bruschetta eggs), but the chill atmosphere made it a place of its own. Our sever took great care crafting our bloody marys and hot toddies herself, and half of the other diners sat alone consuming nothing but a tall glass of fresh carrot or spinach juice. Food was served with a smile and for a very reasonable price…that’s my kind of Friday brunch!




  1. Sasha says:

    Yum! Next time try Nom Wah for dim sum. It’s made to order so it’s super fresh and so, so good. 😀

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