24 NYC Moments: August 2012

A “moment” from each month I spent in New York City. Sometimes tasty, but always tRuthful.

Month 4: August 2012

I’m sitting on the pavement next to the East River in Astoria, crying my own little river. My internship is over, I only know two people in NYC, and my part-time food retail job doesn’t start until next week. As another wave of tears wells up, I use every ounce of my energy not to buy a plane ticket home that minute. Because going home would be giving up.

I’ve never felt more alone in my life.



  1. Char says:

    Horrible to go through, but redemptive to remember.

  2. randolph1 says:

    Aww Ru, You are a winner! I’ve never known you to give up on anything, I’m so glad you were a hit! New York loved you! a.trina

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