24 NYC Moments: November 2012

A “moment” from each month I spent in NYC. Sometimes tasty, always tRuthful.

Month 8: November 2012

I stand at an overlook at Battery Park’s southern edge, and gaze across the Hudson at the Statue of Liberty. The entire island of Manhattan stretches 13 miles north behind me, a distance my friend and I just finished walking. We tackled the walk diligently, covering the length in five hours and only stopping for coffee, the bathroom, and to comment on things like how we passed a famous magazine star in the street, or how that building right there was in Ghostbusters. My eyes droop as I stare at Lady Liberty, offended she doesn’t see my feat as worthy enough to stare back, or at least give me a wink, or a nod. I didn’t just walk the length of the island of Manhattan for nothing. “Okay,” I shout in a voice that comes out weak and surrended where I intended it to be urgent. “Get me to the biggest burger in New York City. NOW!”

The start, in Inwood:





  1. Char says:

    An iconic glimpse at the end of your trek.

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