24 NYC Moments: February 2013

A “moment” from each month I spent in NYC. Sometimes tasty, always tRuthful.

Month 10: February 2013

It’s 10pm on February 14. The doorbell rings. Did my roommate order takeout food tonight? I wait a few seconds to see if she heads to the door. Did I order takeout food and somehow forget? No, I barely even know what Seamless is. Were my neighbors finally stopping over to introduce themselves? Not likely. It’s a rare occurrence for the doorbell to ring at apartment A1–my roommate and I keep a respectably low profile. So I head to the door cautiously, and out the peephole see a teenage boy holding a decorated bamboo plant. Did I forget I had a Valentine’s date?! I open the door with a suspicious grin and the boy says in a heavy Hispanic accent, “Delivery for Ruth? Sorry it’s so late. We had a busy day.” My mom sent me a Valentine’s plant. I’m beaming.



  1. Char says:

    I know it was sent with lots of love too!!

  2. randolph1 says:

    Dear Ru, I love your food blog, but I am just loving the personal little bits of your personal life. I love the plant your Mom sent you! How sweet! a. Trina

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