24 NYC Moments: August 2013

A “moment” from each month I spent in NYC. Sometimes tasty, always tRuthful.

Month 16: August 2013

I’ve been here once before, trembling in this waiting room as I am now. “It’s too expensive,” I convinced myself. “The mimosa I had this morning surely thinned my blood out too much. And why is this application asking if heart disease runs in the family?!” I replay those moments as the clock slowly ticks in the lobby of Adorned piercing parlor on Second Avenue. I’m getting the cartilage of my ear pierced today, something I’ve been wanting to do for months but have chickened out for just as long. This time my boyfriend is in tow, and I told him not to let me leave the parlor until I have that third hole in my ear. “Ruth,” the piercing professional calls my name and in seconds I’m sitting on a padded bench that feels very much like the one in my doctor’s office.  I see needles all around me and for a minute wonder if I accidentally just checked into Bellevue Hospital. The piercer’s name is Colby. Can I trust someone who’s named after a cheese? This is going to be terrible. “Don’t move an inch,” she says. I cringe and hold my breath as she puts the needle to my ear.


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