24 NYC Moments: October 2013

A “moment” from each month I spent in NYC. Sometimes tasty, always tRuthful.

Month 18: October 2013

I’ve gotten pretty good and deciphering the varied, thick accents that are more common to New Yorker’s voices than not. But I’m lost on this Indian man, and I’m not sure if it’s partly just that I’m in awe. Aly and I are fresh got off the very last stop in Queens on the 7 train. We then took a bus even farther away from all things known, deep into Flushing. We heard about this removed Hindu temple months ago–it’s an active temple with a canteen in the basement open to worshipers and generally hungry folk alike. In foodie speak, that basically means authentic, affordable heaven. The friendly man is excited to see “outsiders” exploring his temple, and generously tries to decode the wordy menu for us as we make our culinary decisions. His advice may have made us more confused rather than less, but we end up with delicious servings of dosas and uttapam and chai tea and mango lassi and the most magical ball-shaped cookie dessert I’ve ever known to exist. Is this New York or India? The aromas tingle my senses. “Enjoy,” the friendly man says to us as he bows slightly in our direction. In a flash of pleasant sensation, I have to wonder, is he God?

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