24 NYC Moments: September 2013

A “moment” from each month I spent in NYC. Sometimes tasty, always tRuthful.

Month 17: September 2013

I’m sitting on a large patch of grass alongside the East River in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s hot out, but hot in the comforting kind of way that makes you feel you’re wearing a cozy sweater. My coworkers are sprawled out on the same patch of grass, taking in a rare opportunity to talk about anything other than work itself. Today is our “team build,” an annual occurrence that amounts to getting paid to do fun stuff outside of work.We spent the morning touring a local chocolate-making factory, drinking coffee, and eating fish tacos and ice cream. Now we’re here, relaxing, and my boss begins to layer my sandaled feet with handfuls of fresh-picked grass. “Maybe I really have ‘made it,'” I think to myself as I lay on my back and let the sunshine envelop me.


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