24 NYC Moments: May 2014

A “moment” from each month I spent in NYC. Sometimes tasty, always tRuthful.

Bonus! Month 25: May 2014

It’s an odd feeling to close the door for the last time on an apartment you know you’ll never live in again. It’s stranger when it’s likely your last day living in that city. It’s a half-metaphor–the inevitable click of a door closing, saying no to future opportunities here, and ending an era–all without the immediacy of more doors opening on the other side. It’s a moment of reflection and heartache. A lot happened in the two years I lived in this two-story apartment in Queens, New York. It was my first jaunt in the real world out of college, and I couldn’t even have imagined all the ways I grew as a person in my time here. Two years of history shut out with one click of a door latch? It doesn’t seem fair. I have to remind myself this is a decision I made consciously, and though in the moment it only seems like half a metaphor, I will soon enough see the other doors this decision has opened in my life. Doors with more keys, bigger handles, and probably a little less squeak in the hinges. Maybe I’ll be back banging on New York City’s door one day, but for now I must take the city’s life lessons and  tuck its keys away somewhere safe. I roll my two oversized suitcases outside, and slowly pull the apartment door shut behind me.



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