First Bites of the Twin Cities

A few nights ago I was lying in bed reading Mpls St. Paul Magazine when I realized what I was actually reading was the restaurant directory in the back, soaking up the 6-point sized font descriptions of every restaurant in the Twin Cities like they were water from the Fountain of Youth. But this time, in this city, I succumbed to the fact that this is not a problem, this is a passion.


The kitchen in my new apartment in still in disarray, and I’ve barely even made it to the Afghani restaurant around the corner yet.IMG_3701

But I love it that way. I will savor each moment in my new kitchen and every new restaurant I visit like they are bites of the best meal of my life. Take note, Twin Cities, I’ve arrived.




  1. Char says:

    The only difference between a problem and a passion is your point of view. Mmmm!

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