A “Grand” Culinary Tour of Saint Paul, Part One

A rather large joy of living in my humble corner of Saint Paul is the diverse options for a bite out within walking distance from my apartment door. No, I can’t get a New York bagel or a dollar slice of pizza at 4am, but my new culinary adventures also include a lack of inflated prices and only a rare overcrowded patio. It’s easy to eat out and well in Saint Paul. Take a walk with me, down Grand Avenue.

Pad Thai on Grand

My favorite dinner on Grand thus far. This spacious restaurant had immediate seating at a prime dinner hour, and an extensive menu of authentic choices. Green curry, eggplant curry, shrimp pad Thai–I’m coming back for all of you. My first meal was a perfectly seasoned grilled chicken entree with red curry sauce. The leftovers didn’t make it past breakfast.


Grand Central

I vowed to make this coffee shop, bistro and wine bar my regular spot–so far I’ve visited five times in three months, so I guess I’d be more or a rare-to-infrequenter? But overall a wonderful local establishment with a rotating art display, a friendly happy hour, and plenty of places to sprawl for an hour or five. You won’t find any of those at the other Grand Central. Try the locally made Grey Duck chai for a sweet warm-up, or stay for pint of Surly on tap at the bar.


Grand Ol’ Creamery

This Saint Paul ice cream shop is a tradition. It’s overpriced, but still irresistible. My favorite flavor is the Black Hills Gold–vanilla ice cream with caramelized pecan praline and oreos– which is also the flavor Obama purchased on a recent visit. Pretty sure I was there first.


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