Pastrami-Smoked Salmon at my Doorstep!

As a snail mail enthusiast and a self-proclaimed specialty foods professional, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try out FoodyDirect‘s gourmet food mail-order service last week.


Growing up, my family would occasionally receive packages of mail-order specialty food from friends and family around a holiday or another special occasion. It was a rare but very exciting occurrence–a basket of fruit or assortment of chocolate was always much more magical when it came out of box from a far away state.

I became a big fan of FoodyDirect while browsing their selection of goods online last week. Regional specialties from across the country are well-represented. You can order deep-dish pizza from Chicago, barbecue from Texas, and the finest lox from New York City. I became intimately familiar with several of the New York-based establishments featured on the website while living in New York, and can say first-hand that FoodyDirect choose the best of the best to showcase on its website. Friendly customer-service and a straight-forward website make it easy to find something in your price-range and required delivery window.


In the midst of a bout of New York City nostalgia, I chose to have pastrami-smoked salmon from Sable’s Smoked Fish shipped direct to my doorstep. It’s not something I ate often in New York, but when I did it was the finest melt-in-my-mouth treat. I invited a few friends over, bought some spreadable Snofrisk cheese, capers, and plain bagels and we chowed down on my FoodyDirect order when it arrived on the FedEx truck via next-day delivery.


Convenient, well-packaged, and high-quality, I would consider FoodyDirect a successful service and a perfect option for last-minute gifting…or classy, dire cravings. Check out their website for a full catalog, pricing, and discounts!

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