12 Things I Will Do This Summer!

As I sit here sipping my raspberry-blueberry-banana-whey protein-matcha powder-coconut milk super smoothie, a cool spring breeze meanders through the open window along with a welcomed but unrelentless birdsong aria. It’s a pretty cliché spring scene (besides, perhaps, the matcha powder in my smoothie). A rather appropriate time to share my, well–cliché–list of things I want to do this summer, don’t you think? Sure, why not!

12 Things I Will Do In Summer 2015

1.) Become a patio dweller. This is perhaps my overarching goal for Summer 2015–the goal that guides all other goals. It’s one thing to grab a sunny seat on your balcony for the morning or enjoy a happy hour outdoors on occasion, but knowing the best patios in the city and having the most comfortable balcony to enjoy oneself on is another story entirely. I will not let a moment of Minnesota sunshine pass unnoticed–I strive for “dweller” status. You’ll join me, right?

2.) Go swimming somewhere. I’m not completely sure how this didn’t happen last summer, but it won’t slip through the cracks again.

3.) Attend the Minnesota State Fair. Well, duh.

4.) Grow a balcony garden! With much, much more care than last year’s. I’m talking balcony-garden-contest winning quality, here.


5.) Get a bike. And hope it doesn’t get stolen this time. Any tips on where to get a good, affordable one, Minnesotans?

6.) Educate myself on rum, and bitters. It might be this “Old Cuban” cocktail I had at W. A. Frost yesterday, or my undying craving for a great mojito, but rum and bitters are two simple ingredients I know next to nothing about for no good reason.


7.) Go to Duluth, at least once! There really are no excuses here.

8.) Grill out at least once. It’s a harder feat to achieve than you’d imagine while living this apartment life. No grills allowed, but luckily, parks with built-in grills run aplenty! Can you just smell the burgers now?

9.) Take a mini road trip with Jermster! That’s Jeremy to you all, and he’s my boyfriend, and we like driving medium-length distances! Where should we go? Kansas City? Omaha? Chicago? Canada? Milwaukee for Summerfest? (Don’t worry Mom, Madison’s a given.)


10.) Attend a Twins Game. Something I have not done since my sixth grade student government field trip…

11.) Patronize more farmers’ markets. Farm-t0-table pizza dinners, anyone?

12.) ICE CREAM. Next to becoming a balcony dweller, this may be the most important goal of Summer 2015. There are so many ice cream institutions I have yet to visit in the Cities. And there are so, so many batches of ice cream I have yet to make in my very own ice cream maker. I just don’t see how summer gets much better than patio dwelling with ice cream.

So that’s a little tRuthful update for now. Tell me, what’s in store for your summer?

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