A Minnesotan Affair

I’ve never seen anyone as obsessed with an event in the way Minnesotans are with the MN State Fair. I probably experienced the craze more so because I live and work within walking distance of the fairgrounds, be even so, the addiction is fascinating. To put this in perspective for those of you who are unfamiliar: the fourteen days during which the event unfolds are, quite literally, the fourteen slowest days at my place of employment–a grocery store. Andrew Zimmern, the Minnesota native and celebrity host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern was quoted in Minneapolis Magazine for setting aside the two weeks of the fair as his two weeks of vacation from work each year. One of my former coworkers, a fantastic man who is old enough to be my grandpa, migrates from his home in Nevada to his home in Minnesota just in time for the fair each summer. People just go wild.

Is it a thing of pride? For sure. Is it because the fair is actually a worthwhile investment of time? Well, yea. And is this obsession a little over-the-top and incomprehensible to non-Minnesotans? Definitely. But that’s what makes it beautiful. (Disclaimer: the fair is not for the claustrophobe, the faint of heart, or any human being who cannot handle an overdose of Minnesotan pride.)

And with that, my photographic (and mostly culinary) tour of the Minnesota State Fair 2015!

For breakfast: An espresso float, all-you-can-drink milk, and cookies from Sweet Martha’s.

IMG_7277Breakfast dessert: cheese curds from The Mouth Trap. “We Fry Cheese to Please.”

IMG_7278On top of the fair and on top of the world–The Giant Slide.

IMG_7282A very happy hour a few sips of Minnesotan craft brews.


So much fried. All delicious.

IMG_7296Too much in a food coma to take an in-focus photo, but I ended my day with a slice of key lime pie on a stick. Ahhhhh.


Fair on!


  1. Char says:

    It’s not fair–I’m not there! When we lived in ABQ and attended the equally eclectic event, the to-go-to food was Indian Fry Bread. Now that’s a legit fry food.

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