Forward Eats MSP!


I’m launching a new series of posts called “Forward Eats MSP.” Each post will highlight a product, business, or person that has left a strong influence on the “local” food scene in the Twin Cities. They may be influential because they are in some way sustainably-focused, particularly innovative, small-scale, delicious, or otherwise awesome. The highlighted product, business or person will then have the opportunity to nominate the candidate for my next similar Forward Eats feature, getting the opportunity to “pay” the local food love “forward.” I’m excited to see where this trail of appreciation leads!
YOU get to help me choose the FIRST EVER feature for Forward Eats MSP! Let me know…what is YOUR favorite restaurant, cafe, food truck, food, drink, market, or person that has left a mark on the Twin Cities’ food scene in a big way? Leave a comment, message, email or text for me with your input.
This means a lot to me! It’s a project I’ve pursued casually for the last 5 years, so I’m excited to be sharing this pursuit with you in a more official way on my very own blog. All feedback, thoughts, comments, food meetups, and general input are welcome and appreciated!
Now, who will be featured first?!?

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